Review of Polaroid SX 70

The SX-70 is the iconic Polaroid Camera, it was first debuted in 1970s. Variants of the SX-70 remained in the lineup. The SX-70 was the folding SLR line vs the cheap box rangefinders that Polaroid produced later on. The SX-70 was a true SLR, meaning you could view the shot directly through the lens, and can see the framing and focus before taking the photo. The SX-70 and other Land Cameras, features the best of Polaroid lenses. Now we are moving on to the SX-70 Land Camera, how does it compare with other Polaroids.


The SX-70 is built of chrome plated on top of plastic with leather on the top and bottom, it has rubber bellows that enlarge when opening the camera. The camera can pulled open from the top from its folded position. The SX-70 is manual focus with atuo-exposure, and doesn’t have a built in flash, but has a socket at the top for a flash.

At the moment the Polaroid SX-70 uses film from the Original Project, and you should only use film from the Originals, since much of the older film is expired or washed out. out. The Camera can take by SX-70 Film and Series 600 Fiom.


In most outdoor shots you don’t need a lens, all you need to worry about is the lighten/darken control. What this does is cover the camera with different dark plastic to control the shutter speed.

While it doesn’t come with a flash, it can accept flash bars and eletronic flashes,, but currently only eletronic flashes are being produced. The SX-70 has Auto flash exposure based on distance with a max flash distance of 20 feet. When you are using the flash your subject will be best lit if they are between 3 – 20 feet.

Because the camera is an SLR, you can see how it looks like when you focus the camera. YOu can focus using the split circle, but focusing on a vertical line in the image, until the line becomes continous, or you can focus using the whole image. You focus by adjusting the focus wheel, after doing so you can frame the photo.


You can get a great depth of field using the SX-70, you can take closeup with a blurred effect or landscape photos. The camera can take both color and black and white film. Here are some photos

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