Why Shot With Polaroid Camera?

Today almost everyone has powerful smartphones with built in cameras. For more serious photographers, there DSLR and mirrorless cameras, that are pushing the boundaries of camera technology. One wonders why anyone would shot with analog instant or polaroid film? Well its simple, people want instant gartification of holding a physical and tactile object in their hands. It adds a element of fate when taking photos, in that you can’t edit the file to death to get that perfect shot, you basically leave it to fate.

While Polaroid Camera have many disadvantages, like the cost of the film, lack of a battery back up, its out dated and the sometimes poor quality of the images, it many advantages overcome these disadvantages.  In this blog we will list the advantages.

Polaroid cameras and polaroid photography is simple, you just point, press the button, and within seconds the photos slides out and with a minute it develops before your very eyes. You have a photograph that you can share with family and friends, no memory cards, no printing, no editing and no LCD screens. Just point and shoot

What makes instant or more precisely instant film special is it often doesn’t just recreate what is in front of you like a digital camera, instant or polaroid film often distorts and changes it. It is the Van Gogh of the photography world or its like having a 19th century impressionist paint in he palm of your hands. Using instant film is often imprecise and chaotic. As the image sputters forth, you are often wonder, as the image develops, how is it going to eventual turn out.

Real Experience in a Digital World

While I usually use 35mm and digital, I use instant or polaroid film on my tours and for often for special events, to add somethign special for client projects. Most of the time printing out digital prints on a photo printer is just like printing a report, nothing special.

Unlike other film formats, Polaroid is simple and easy to use. There is no complex chemical development like 35mm or medium format, or advanced knowledge of how lenses and camera bodies work. With a Polaroid camera, all you have to do was load it with film, point it at what you want to shoot, and hit the shutter. The image appears, complete and ready to display.

However, with polaroid photos, a scene comes alive with its qiurky feel that instant photograph product. When I was a child, I was always fascinated by the Polaroid Camera. While Polariod isn’t around today, there other companies have produce their own line of instant cameras, most notabely the Impossible Project, which recently bought the Polaroid trademark for film and camereas, and also Fujifilm with its Instax film of cameras.


in may day to work as a event photographer, I find instant or polaroid film a incredible resource and tool. It provides great conservsation pieces to break the ice between clients who are often stressed on that occasion. You can achieve complicated shots with looks that are difficult to achive with digital manipulation. I believe that instant film has a bright future

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